Thursday, February 28, 2013

How To Boot From USB And CDROM Without BIOS Support

Hope we have mentioned about how creating bootable USB disk using free software, but it is of no use if the motherboard or BIOS does not support USB booting, if you are stuck in a situation where BIOS does not support booting from USB or CD-ROM, free boot-manager PLoP would be the best solution for the problem, the easy to use boot manager can work with your existing boot-loader and even without the need to install on hard-disk.
USB Booting

PLoP Boot Manager
 can launch from floppy, CD, network or existing boot manager like LILO, GRUB, Windows boot menu and DOS, once launched you can use PLoP to boot from USB and CD-ROM even if BIOS does not support these options.
To use PLoP from existing Windows Boot Manager on Windows 2K, XP and VISTA, Download PLoP Boot Manager and follow the procedure described inside the zip file or at the official website here.

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