Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rename multiple files in Windows(ரீநேம் மல்ட்டிபீல் பைல்ஸ்)

How to quickly rename multiple files in Windows

Rename multiple files in Microsoft Windows XP Explorer by following the below steps.

1.Open Explorer.
2. In Explorer select all the files you wish to rename.
3. Once the files have been selected press F2 and type the new name for the files. For example, typing "test" will rename the files to test, test(1), test(2), test(3) etc. If you have show file extensions enabled, make sure to also type the name of the file extension you're renaming.

If you need each of the files renamed as a different name, you can also quickly go through files by following the below steps.

1. Highlight the first file and press the F2 key.
2. This will open the rename for the highlighted file. After the file has been renamed press the tab key to go to the next file.

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