Tuesday, January 8, 2013

கூகிள் 10 அதிசயம் ஆனால் கொஞ்சம் தெரிந்த அம்சங்கள்

                          Bangalore: Google has brought with itself a multifaceted, user friendly approach. From being a search engine to a social network, Google entertains people in every way possible. Users can have fun simply by watching some of its exciting features. Most of these features are updated occasionally keeping viewers intact with time.

Here are some exciting features of the search giant that hold in a bundle of surprises!

# 10 Zerg Rush

Just punch ‘Zerg Rush’ into the search tab and you will find yourself defending your search results before these zerglings ‘eat them up’. Colored in red and yellow, they try to leave no trace of your results. If you want to eliminate them, just click on them repeatedly. This will save your search engine results completely.

You will also find Google keeping a score. On the right side of the screen, a widget shows the number of enemies you killed along with the number of clicks you used to kill them. If you are unsuccessful at this, your results are wiped out by the yellow and red colored Os, assembling to form a ‘GG’. You can either share your scores within your Google + circles or clear the game to go to the search results.

# 9 Fighter Jet

If you want to explore the globe, try it here, Google Earth has an amazing feature called Flight Simulator. You can enjoy a flight simulation on your computer screen by simply activating this feature. Just go to the Tools menu, followed by ‘Enter Flight Simulator’.

You can choose your aircraft model and starting position upon starting the simulator. If your system supports the joystick, you can even enable hardware for the flight.

# 8 Pac Man

Though holding an outdated status in the days of HD games, you can still find Pac Man by just hitting Google. On the 30th anniversary of the game, the search giant made an interactive doodle allowing users to play the game using their keyboards.

# 7  Barrel Roll

The ‘Barrel Roll effect,’ which existed from long back, can still be seen on Google. This has served its way to be one of the coolest tricks for internet users. You can enjoy by typing ‘do a barrel roll’. Your whole page will spin 360 degrees once. You can refresh the page to see the effect again and again.

# 6 Guitar

Another interactive doodle called the Guitar was created on the 96th birthday of Les Paul. He was the inventor of solid body electric guitar. The logo was redone in the form of a guitar, where users could play it with the help of a cursor, mouse or keyboard. One could even record tunes and upload them on the web with the help of Google. They could also listen to it anytime and save them as a media file on the computer.

# 5 Hurdles

Google also made interactive doodles for the London Olympics game, 2012, which are still available in the Doodle archive.  The Hurdles is an interesting one, where the runner had to jump over the obstacles. Using the keyboard, he has to race further with increasing level of difficulty. This fun doodle can help you challenge your friends and even set your best score for the results.

# 4 Moog Synthesizer

In the 1960’s and the 70’s top musicians used the Moog Synthesizer to add depth to their music.  On the 78th birthday of Robert Moog, Google created an interactive Moog Synthesizer, which could be played with the help of the keyboard or the mouse.

The doodle displayed features like the mixer, oscillator, filters and envelope where you can simply have fun fiddling with them. You can also record your own music, share it as well as listen to it.

# 3 Snake

For YouTube lovers, buffering isn’t always acceptable. But in the meantime, Google has this amazing feature for you to play, called the ‘Snake’. The popular game that evolved during the 1970’s can be played by pausing an ongoing or even a buffering video. This is enough by pressing the left, right or down arrow key, immediately followed by the up arrow key. The game can also be played on full screen.

# 2 Price range in search

Google knows what you want simply with a type. This amazing search master can easily be informed and that’s it! You have your results. For users who want to know the range of products and price lists, Google can be used where you type in the name of the product and the Price range of your choice like this’ Product Rs X, Y…’. If you wish to look for Android phones priced between        15,000 and 20,000, simply type ‘Android Smartphone 10,000…..15,000’.

# 1 Slalom Canoe

Another interactive offer by Google is the ‘Slalom Canoe’ of the London Olympics 2012. The game shows a canoe and a rower, which is required to pass through the course in the shortest time possible. With the help of a keyboard, you can control the canoe and avoid all possible obstacles while ensuring that the player passes through the check points.

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